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Our Leadership Team

Meet our leadership team with broad Industry experience and networks to establish the most powerful and quality outcomes for our customers

gauravpriya image

Gaurav Priya

Founder & Managing Director

I'm a positive and proactive entrepreneur and founder of NRG Phoenix Technology,read more... dedicated myself to driving the organization's growth. My focus lies in developing and implementing IT strategies aligned with our business goals. With extensive experience in IT leadership, I consistently deliver outstanding solutions and business outcomes. My commitment is to provide efficient, cost-effective, and secure IT services, aiming to bring peace of mind to fellow businesses. Outside of work, I enjoy exploring diverse book genres, savoring swimming, prioritizing badminton for health, and maintaining a regular walking routine. I'm always eager to contribute and offer assistance to those on their journey to less...

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Ananta Sinha

Director & Member of GEC

With a thirst to understand business & the ever-changing world we operate within, read more... I graduated with Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the prestigious Lucknow University which furthered my understanding and desire to play an integral role in the development of business today and into the future, taking up the role as a leader and an entrepreneur. I had always been supporting others, particularly women, in business throughout my 20 years of career and this helps me grow as a better person and gives me the ability to make some worthwhile introductions. You should identify me being skilled in strategy building, solution oriented, always show willingness to learn at each walk of life, try to be proactive and believe in being collaborative. I am passionate about connecting the right technology solution to the clients so they all can achieve their business goals. I have always believed in working together which surely makes the achievement so special as it has been gained through collaboration. As a business owner, I know the value of great partnerships and make it a rule to work with manageable needy clients so we can take the time to understand and respond to their requests. NRG Phoenix experienced tech team provides solutions to ambitious clients looking for cost-effective long-term strategies and optimised customer experiences. My foray into entrepreneurship started early on. However, it wasn’t long before my desire to progress and innovate saw me branch out as an entrepreneur. I have known that being my own boss was the only way I wanted my working life to be. Today I’m proud to run a thriving Information Technology Development company and providing IT solution to ambitious businesses as the Director and Co-Founder of NRG-Phoenix Technology. I am a maverick and will continue to push the bounds. read less...

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Balamurugan M G

Director, CTO & CIO, Global Delivery Leader & Member of GEC

An accomplished Software Industry Leader with 30 Years of Expertise. read more... Results-driven and visionary leader with a proven track record of success spanning three decades in the software industry. A strategic thinker and innovative problem solver, consistently led high-performing teams to deliver cutting-edge software solutions. Possess a comprehensive understanding of the software development lifecycle, coupled with a keen business acumen, has enabled to drive digital transformation and achieve the business objectives. read less...

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Minu Mohan

Director- Chief People Experience

As the Chief People Experience Director at NRG Phoenix Technology,read more... I am truly passionate about shaping our workplace culture. From overseeing recruitment to fostering diversity, my goal is to create an environment where every team member feels valued and empowered. Promoting work-life balance is also a priority, ensuring our employees thrive both professionally and personally. Collaborating closely with senior management, I aim to align our people strategies with our organizational goals, driving satisfaction and productivity. Together, we are building a workplace that thrives on inclusivity and less...